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Soapstone Countertops

Soapstone Countertops are very popular due to their inherent aesthetic appeal and tremendous durability.The kind which is used to finish kitchens is sturdy and will withstand many years of hard usage. It is very different from the soft sort which is used to create carvings.

One reason why families love Soapstone countertops is that it resists bacteria. Mothers and fathers know how fond their children are of touching everything with grimy fingers and how seldom they wash their hands between dirty activities. With no pores on its surface, there is nowhere for germs to hide and multiply. This is also why your surface will not stain, no matter how many times you leave a dirty bottle of ketchup on the counter or spill chili sauce. Without pores, you cannot cause water marks by leaving puddles around, and the stone will not swell and become cracked or disfigured.

Clean your surface with any kind of cleaner you like. There is no risk of damaging the material by using strong chemicals. The only damage a consumer could cause to her working area is some scratching.Scratches can be removed easily using a particular type of oil.

Soapstone counters are popular for Kitchen & Laundry Countertops. We also carry Soapstone Farmhouse Sinks.

Some of the colors of Soapstone for your countertops: