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Diamond Vibe Cabinets

Diamond Vibe Cabinetry has 301Finish, Style, Specie Combos, 8 door styles, 5 finishes, 2 opaques, 2 glazes. Fresh, transitional styling --Maple, Cherry, Oak, PureStyle™ Laminate  Opaque finishes available on Maple  - 10% upcharge Pick a stain, pick a glaze available across the line. Design flexibility  utilizes the most popular SKUs, Modifications and Organization from the main Diamond brand, but more than adequate to meet the needs of home owner. All Plywood box construction Option. Laminated or Finished. Value drawer standard to meet a budget-driven project. All glazes are done by hand, The glazes are perfected in a detailing process and are UV cured to provide a reliable and durable finish. The result is the beautiful finish with a consistent glaze appearance.

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